Massive Transcription Teams Up With Printing And Scanning Partners Across The U.S.

“Massive Transcription Service joins a partnership with printing and scanning partners across the U.S for providing physical transcriptions. The company has also introduced its Automated Transcription Services for all their global clients.”
The company Massive Transcription, part of Vanan Online Services, has teamed up with printing and scanning partners in 4 new locations. These partnerships aim to serve customers as a physical drop-off and pick up points for documents.

The company has consistently delivered world-class transcriptions across nations with a focus on customer satisfaction and ease. Now, partners in New York, California, Virginia, and Florida are going to make this even better.

Massive Transcription is also launching their new Automated Transcription Service at very affordable costs. Automated Transcriptions involve transcribing your audios or videos into textual form with the help of online software. As simple as uploading your file’s project details online and near instantly receiving the end result.

This service is ensured with quick turnaround and good quality. This AI powered tool can be used for basic transcription, however, it cannot compete with the attention to detail provided by a human transcriber.

Massive Transcription is one of the leading and most reliable transcription companies in the industry. With their services, you can outsource transcription, translation, and work from anywhere in the world. Transcription Service provides high-quality audio and video transcriptions to corporations, legal firms, media houses, universities, etc. The transcription rates start at $0.10/min for the automated service. They offer court proceedings transcription, legal transcription, and business transcriptions to companies and individuals located all around the world. The quality of their works is regardless of where you live. The company is an ISO certified one and specializes in dialects of over 100 languages.

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